The Last Rays Of Summer 2

I've been a Photographer since 1996 back in the days when it was pure film and the fastest burst you could manage with a camera was 36 frames. Now it's nearly all digital which is great now  everyone is a Photographer which makes my job a little harder and  it keeps me on my toes. My passion is wildlife photography and it's not all about Africa, the latest gear and resolution. Wildlife photography is about making the best of your kit and the patch of land that you have access too whether it be urban or rural. If you can join the Natural Trust, it's nearly always on your doorstep and gives you access to a variety of seasonal wildlife habitats. I'm a past winner of the British Wildlife Photography (BWPA) awards and my Images have and are still being published around the World. I have recently had features published in both the New York Post and the Ellen DeGeneres show. My best tip, if your camera has Auto ISO embrace it. Covid 19 has affected us all and with the extra time on my hands  I find myself wearing more of an ecological hat as I dedicate  energy into combating pollution in my local area. On the technical side of things I'm now studying for an A2Cof C which will enable me to operate and fly drones on a commercial basis. 

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