I've been a photographer since 1996 this was back in the days when it was pure film and the fastest camera burst was 36 frames. Although film is making a comeback it's all about digital which as medium is great but now everyone has the ability to be a photographer which makes my job a little harder but keeps me on my toes.  In April 2019 I decided to take a sabbatical from real work and to get out into the UK and photograph all that is wild and wonderful. I wanted to visit the places that many of the  Iconic Images have been taken.

In my opinion Wildlife Photography is not all about the latest kit and resolution, it's about making the best of what you have and the patch of land that you have access to be it urban or rural.

I'm a past winner of the British Wildlife Photography awards and have had my Images published worldwide. I contribute to a picture agency and it's great to receive an E-Mail informing you of where your images have been published.

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